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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tales of the broken serger, or road trip

Today has been well, interesting to say the least.  My serger broke on Friday and I took it in yesterday, only to find out that when I have been paying to have it cleaned, it hasn't been done right.  So years of build up caused one of the main working parts to lock up, and break.  So I went and got the now dead serger.  I traveled 60 miles in the opposite direction for a one last ditch effort to have it looked at, and hopefully fixed.

The good news in all of this, is that I have a borrowed machine and it runs like a dream.  I finally know whats its like to put any diaper, any fabric in and have it come out just exactly like I wanted.  So in that, I have managed to get a fair amount done, even with hours spent on the road.

Part one of anoucements:

My goal is to continue to offer customs in a max time of week turn around, but that's on the far end of the time frame.  I would like to offer a turn around time of 72 hours really, but time will tell if I can maintain that. 

I would like to continue to offer between 20-30 diapers instock, but again that depends on many different elements. 

And now coming back to this entry, which I never published, I have taken it to a different store that is working on it.  It will at the very least be my back up machine.  Expensive fix, but nevertheless.

I will end with the customs pictures that I have finished this last week, and then start on the blog entry that I came here to write...

Thanks for reading....

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