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Sunday, October 23, 2011

massive catch up....

it’s been a busy, busy time over at Bumstoppers.  Hence the lack of entries lately.  But here are just a few of what I have been working on....

I’ve changed the appearance of the Hyena Cart to help it to be easier to navigate.  Have you stopped by lately to see what is new?  Speaking of the Hyena Cart, the next big stocking is scheduled for October 28.  It is definitely a treat, not trick- lots of yummy prints for your little pumpkins. 

 Need a sneak peak to satisfy your sweet tooth? 

It will mostly be semi customs as I’m really really busy catching up on all my customs.  I”m striving to get back to a 10-14 day customs turn around.

I’ve been hard at work developing new ideas into the testing phase.  Lots of new things are in the works, so make sure you check back frequently to see what is being released.  This does not just mean new PRINTS!  …but that’s all I’m going to say about this for now.

But speaking of new prints, I’m expecting lots of new prints to arrive and have already unpacked some beautiful fabrics.  Visit my gallery
  and if you see something you MUST have, remember that I do customs  too.  During each stocking, there are custom slots up for grabs.  Make sure you stalk the slot because they go fast!  Check out my latest customs:
Last picture was last weeks you know that there are awesome diapers coming....Stay tuned!!