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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Little Backstory and New Bumstoppers Announcement

In spring of 2010, I was approached to begin wholesaling with a company that shall not be named, whose name became synonymous with the words "cheat and liar" in the cloth diapering community, although of course I didn't know that's what would happen at the time.  In all the talks that followed, especially when factoring  in the discounts and shipping deals that they were giving, I made the decision  to:

 A....include shipping in the price of the diapers


B.  raise the price of the diapers to counteract the huge discount that I was forced to take in doing this wholesale deal. 

Several months later, customers started becoming unhappy with the business practices of aforementioned company.  As a business person,  I wasn't happy with the way they were handling complaints either.  In addition, my payments for the diapers that I was direct shipping, where coming later and later-sometimes weeks after I had made and shipped the diapers out.  After they let go my "manager" within the company, I decided to break all ties and stop doing wholesale with them.....

Fast forward to now.  We have continue to grow at a slow and steady rate, but I never have managed to land another wholesale contract that I was happy with.  Yet  pricing has always stayed at the same rate.  I did separate out shipping costs earlier this year when I moved most stockings over to etsy, just so I wouldn't have to pay fees on shipping too.  Even with this change, Bumstoppers are just a medium range priced diaper.  While I believe --and all of my customers agree-- that they are WELL worth the price, I know that its holding back a lot of potential customers from trying our products. The market has become too saturated with cheap diapers to compete well with our current price point. 

So what does this mean to you, the customer?  We will continue to offer the same customer service and the same quality of diapers, yet do it at a much more affordable rate.  Shipping will continue to be a separate charge.  While I can't guarantee this pricing forever, now is a great time to add Bumstoppers to your cloth diaper stash.

From now on,  you will see more quality diapers being offered every stocking at a great price, and a few customs slots into the  mix.  There won't be lots of fancy coupon codes that you need to remember to use, there won't be this special pricing tomorrow after you have purchased today. Bumstoppers diapers will be at a consistent price range, with the exception of those made with the pricier, hard to find fabrics.

New pricing will be as follows:

Newborn $ 13.95
Sized $21.95
One size $23.95
DryBums™ 29.95 natural and $32.95 for dyed
ai2s-whatever size price applies

This pricing is effective immediately.  By the time this blog post is published, Bumstoppers pricing on all venues will be updated to reflect this.  If you have a customs in progress with me, expect an email today informing you of these changes.

Customs will be priced a slightly higher price point due to the personalized attention that ordering a custom requires.  

I hope to continue to build this business with your help, and continue offering photo contests, and giveways and other promotions mixed in.     Thank you so much for your time and continued support.  I'm so thankful each and every day for my loyal customers!!