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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grab your popcorn and let’s chat about Bumstopper Mini/SYOF groups!

 First off, if you are a WAHM cloth diaper newbie like I was all too recently then you must know that SYOF is send in your own fabric! I only have three Bumstopper hybrids and I cannot wait to add more to my son’s stash! The fit and absorbency is amazing! Mini/SYOF groups are so much fun to put together because you can have your perfect custom Bumstopper diaper!  I’m including a few topics that will be helpful to Bumstopper newbies!

GIR mini group
Citrus Dandies mini group
Laugh if you will, but yes a couple of nights ago I actually fell asleep with the phone in my hand. What was I doing? Searching Etsy for fabulous fabrics I would love seen cut up and made into the perfect custom bumstopper diaper for my little boy! If you find a fabric you just can’t live without please post (on the Bumstopper SYOF Mini group Facebook page) just the picture of the fabric (not a link to it) and ask the other bumstopper loving mamas if they would be interested in seeing this fabric made into a diaper for their little one as well.

Be careful because fabric shopping is addicting!
TMNT mini group
Check Etsy, your local stores, browse online, etc. When looking for the perfect fabric, ask yourself if the print would look good on the back of the diaper? Is the print big enough? Is the print too small? Becky, the amazing creator of these fabulous diapers, suggests the print should not be more than 3 inches tall. Also, consider whether you prefer a knit or woven-these two fabrics are the most popular choices. Knit material definitely stretches more but know that it will pill over time. Woven’s are not as stretchy but won’t pill as much as knit fabric does. Keep in mind you will also have to decide
whether you want your diaper to have a snap down or fold down rise.

After you post your can’t live without fabric-the waiting game begins! For a mini group, you need at least 3 people total to commit to a woven fabric and 4-5 people for a knit fabric. Along with the posted picture of the fabric you will need to list a price. The price is how much each person wanting to join the mini group will pay (just for the fabric) not the diaper itself. Each person that commits to your mini group will pay the group leader via PayPal for their portion of the fabric and then they will pay Becky the cost of the diaper and shipping. Once you have all the slots filled, a document will be created and Becky will need the following from each person: type of diaper, choice of rise, and your PayPal information. Becky will invoice you when she is making the diaper.
Pricing example:

Becky can get 3 diapers out of a yard of woven fabric.  So if the woven fabric is $12/yard and 3 people total commit to the group then the cost would be $4 per person payable via PayPal to the group leader.  The group leader would then order the fabric and send to Becky.  Please confirm the particulars with Becky before ordering the fabric.  Each person will then pay Becky via PayPal for the price of the diaper they have chosen over and above the fabric cost. 

Please keep in mind that there is a 6-8 week turnaround time for mini/SYOF groups.

Happy Bumstopper shopping!
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